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I appreciate a well made ecommerce site, especially when it manages to pull off aesthetic sensibilities along with complex functionality. This website does so in spades, incorporating the latest design concepts, such as the responsive layout, and large background image.   ...

Magento is an amazing piece of software, and Canada is a wonderful place to live, but if you don't know what your doing, setting up the taxes will be an arduous task. With the GST, and various provincial and harmonized sales taxes, and well as regulations about displaying the taxes on website checkout processes, it is highly complex. Save yourself the headache, and follow this great guide:

For anyone learning Magento, I could not recommend this videos series enough. Available for free on Youtube, Scott Tolinksi at Level Up Tuts has created an extensive series on configuring Magento, and creating a custom theme. I have him to thank for my knowledge of Magento, and I look forward to watching more of his videos, which cover many other topics, including HTML5, Drupal, and others.

I love it when things work. Especially when it's over 100 lines of javascript and php that I found on Google and pasted into my project. And thats exactly what happened when I found this little ditty put together by Jay Are. If you are using OsCommerce, you really ought to be tracking your Ecommerce Analytics, and you can do so using the code found here: