My Process

I’ve done many different things over the last 20 years, but at the moment I’m really sharp and focused on building ecommerce websites in Shopify, driving sales with Google Ads, and following up with email marketing. I use my background in graphic design to create a brand for an ecommerce store, as well as a beautiful look and feel across all customer interactions.

Shopify Web Design

I have built several very successful Shopify stores over the last few years, and love the software’s ability to integrate with email marketing, social media, Google, Quickbooks, etc. I can provide almost any feature an ecommerce website could want, including live chat and support ticket integration, and advanced product options.  I always consider how the site will work with the ads driving traffic, with landing pages and ad campaigns working together to guide the customer through the entire buying experience.

Art Direction

With a background in graphic design, photography and motion graphics, I have a trained design eye that I bring to all projects. I love creating a brand look and feel for an ecommerce website, as well as beautiful product images and other assets, banner ads, and email marketing graphics. I also sometimes contribute copywriting.

Google Ads

I’ve been responsable for spending over a million dollars on Google Ads, driving millions of dollars of revenue. I’ve been fortunate to meet with high level members of the Google team on a regular basis to discuss details of the Ads system, and I utilize all aspects of an Ad account (when appropriate). I really enjoy the process of building out all the campaigns, ad groups, extensions, and product ads etc. I also do Facebook ads though hesitate to call myself an expert, though a basic retargeting campaign is certainly no issue.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a big part of most of the projects I’ve been involved in. Most businesses can benefit greatly from it, as its cost effective and lengthens the customer lifespan. I excel in email marketing because it allows me to leverage my graphic design, copywriting, and aptitude for automation.