5 Most Compelling Video Bloggers

5 Most Compelling Video Bloggers

1) Luke Thomas
Luke is a mixed martial arts journalist who works at mmmafighting.com. He has a background in political writing in Washington, and brings a uniquely intellectual perspective to his coverage of my favorite sport. I never miss his weekly “Chat Wrap” video, where he uses Google Hangout to talk about questions that readers/viewers of the website post.


2) Michael Locke
Michael is a UI Designer from Los Angeles. He is the single biggest influence on my career, as I discovered his online training course in my last year of university, and used his advice to launch my career. He offers pragmatic, usable knowledge on creating effective, useable interface designs through his videos.


3) Arash Dibazar
Arash is a mixed martial artist and life coach who offers his thoughts on his approach to life, as well as helping people with their dating lifes. He reminds me of a mix between Anton Levay, Firas Zihabi, and Mystery (from The Game book, etc). His passion and self-serving philosophy are very empowering.


4) James Corbett

James is an “open source journalist” who offers commentary on geopolitical events going on in the world. he produces content in a variety of formats, which generally have a documentary or podcast feel to them. He is distinctly outside the box, and highly critical of government and big business.

5) Dan Mcdonald

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