I’ve been at this a long time, and I can’t resist learning new things. I’m always trying out new software and skillsets, but what I’ve stayed most consistent with and am really good at is:

Beautiful Websites

This is what I started with, and has been my bread and butter. I usually work with WordPress to create beautiful and functional websites. If the project sells products then I like Shopify, or Kajabi for video membership sites.

High-converting Sales Funnels

I started learning about Clickfunnels software in late 2018, and quickly became obsessed. I immersed myself in the concepts of Russell Brunson (the guy who created Clickfunnels and an internet marketing genius), and started using Clickfunnels to sell products, events, and memberships for my client and friend Vince Kelvin. Since then I’ve used Clickfunnels on almost every project to get more leads and sales.

Email Marketing

An essential element of internet marketing, it was inevitable I would end up doing email marketing. My first experience was creating mockups for emails in photoshop when I was a designer at playboy. However I really discovered the true power of building a list when I had my yoga mat bag business. Things evolved into crafting, automating and deploying entire email campaigns for myself and clients.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is where its at these days. The targeting ability is just incredible, and when paired with sales funnels, the sky is the limit. My Facebook ads chops are solid, though I’m a bit less experienced with them than my other skills. If you want me to run some ads for you let me know, I’ll give you a great deal!


The prospect of free traffic, consisting of people actively searching for what my websites are offering, was just too good to resist. Also being a web designer and developer it was a logical step to expand into SEO. I like to do careful keyword research, then implement on-site optimization, and then outsource a bit of link-building to my guys in India.

Graphic Design

Way back in the early 2000s I started doing pure art in Photoshop, which was the beginning of my journey in New Media. When I discovered After Effects I replaced my eccentric abstract art pieces for moving art, or as one of my professors once said “video art”. Years later I got a job as a web designer working for Playboy, where I had a wonderful mentor named Jon. Together we created graphics for Playboy for about 2.5 years and I saw exponential increases in my graphic design skills. Today it’s more of a back pocket skill, but I still use it in every project.