In response to the pandemic we quickly became one of Canada’s leading online PPE retailers.  I oversaw the brand development, built the website, created all graphics, setup and continually optimized the Google Ads account, and created many email marketing campaigns.

+Art Direction + Website Development
+ Google Ads + Email Marketing

Product Images

I wanted our products to look great and gave all of our images treatments in Photoshop. This involved cropping the product images out of their backgrounds and then giving them the same Photoshop treatment I used to do on models when I was a graphic designer at Playboy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing was a major focus of yours, and responsible for a huge amount of the success of the project. We created campaigns announcing new products, and frequently offered sale prices on medical masks. The email marketing helped solidify long term relationships with our clients.

Google Ads

The Google Ads were continually tweaked as this competitive market evolved. Restrictive policies added complexity.

Case Studies


A Leading Canadian Online PPE Retailer

Uniden Cellular

I developed this ecommerce site using Magento and then later created a whole new theme for it

Tortuga Real Estate

This real estate project has involved website development, photography, and SEO.

Vince Kelvin Coaching

I made a WordPress site, plus various sales funnels with Clickfunnels, Shopify and Kajabi.


For 2.5 years I designed websites, banners, landing pages, emails and more for Playboy

Buddha Bags

I created a product line and sold it using Facebook ads and Shopify

Lightspeed POS

The point-of-sale iOS app I helped create during my time at Lightspeed


I conceptualized and designed an iOS drum machine app.