My Favourite Jquery Plugins

My Favourite Jquery Plugins

Jquery is awesome. It means that someone who has minimal programming knowledge, but is compotent in CSS, can, with enough concentration and trial and error, create rich and compelling interactive experiences. Here are my favourite (so far) Jquery plugins:


Slidesjs: This plugin is so easy to use, and nearly every website can benefit from having a slideshow. This is my go to move for the billboard section of the home page.

Fancybox: This plugin allows you to create popup windows. I use this most often on images, although I recently created a contact form that pops up using Fancybox.

Uniform.js:  styling contact forms can be one of the more challenging aspects of coding websites, and this plugin takes  alot of the pain out of it. By applying this, it can become mostly just a matter of altering a single image sprite that controls the look of the whole form.

Scrolldeck: This allows you to create links to divs on a page, rather than other pages, and have the website scroll that to div. You can adjust the speed and easing of the scroll. I’m just a sucker for this effect!


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